We use 100% soy wax, a biodegradable, sustainable, natural product that provides the best scent throw and longest burn times. Our candles are all phthalate free with 100% cotton wicks. 

In 2020, we don’t feel comfortable about boxing every individual candle. We don’t believe in single-use, disposable packaging at the cost of the environment…it just doesn’t sit well with us or reflect our commitment to minimize waste.

Our classic range candles come without a lid or box for this reason. Our candles are carefully packed and delivered in recycled materials that can in turn, be recycled. No bamboo, wood, glass or metal lid required. Less waste. Better intent.

The amber glass jars that hold our essential oil range do come with a lid to protect the integrity of the natural essential oils.  They are designed to be kept and repurposed over and over again and make gorgeous vases, or fantastic storage jars for all the good things – herbs, spices, seeds.

All our glass jars are 100% recyclable and even better, reusable. We want you to love your candle and at the same time, feel good that it is not costing the environment. That’s our commitment to you.